Friday, December 5, 2008


Conrad took great offense to my blog post yesterday- he's afraid that all the readers will think he's a bad shopper ... and I told him nonsense. He teased me some more and then he said "Oh I've thought of one more thing to add to my Christmas list - a wife beater. But I can add my own stains, right?" He's so funny ...

When I got home last night I actually had more energy than I had all week. I attribute this to getting home and instead of plunking on the couch, I kept moving. I washed some pots and I started the dishwasher- clipped coupons from last Sunday's paper, etc - so by the time Conrad got home, I was still awake and functioning. YAY! The week after a holiday is HARD.

So we were in the kitchen kidding around and I was doing some high kicks. No matter what I do (activity wise) or don't do, no matter how old I get, no matter what I weigh I have always always been able to go high kicks. So I was messing around in the kitchen pretending to kick Conrad and he said "I bet you can't hit my face" ... and if you know us, we act like we're 5 so of course I said "Oh yeah? I bet I can" and so on - so I was warming up, and getting ready - I took a deep breath, pulled my leg back, released the kick and kicked my poor sweet baby doggie right in the face. The only thing I remember is hitting something soft and WAY low on the ground and hearing a muffled "RaaaaafPHpTTT" .. as she was struck. Um, WHOOPS!

She's ok, she's fine. I didn't even get her hard- I think I got her on the downswing - and I barely grazed her- it just startled all of us. I felt SO BAD- but she looked fine. I offered her a cookie as an apology and she ran to get it- this morning she seemed ok too. WOW- I forget we have to look out for the little ones when we're roughhousing. I should have known- a few minutes before the Face Plant Incident of 2008, Conrad and I were in the kitchen dancing- to an imaginary song. You know, just to see who could look the coolest/most ridculous and she was in the kitchen weaving all around us. I should have looked. SORRY B!

She is so funny- this morning she got up and I watched her in the mirror while I was getting dressed. She sits up straight and arches her neck and head up towards the ceiling, EVERY morning, while she stretches and shakes. Then she walks sleepily to the edge of the bed and lowers her head- which means RUB ME- and she got her morning rub ... I massage around her head, neck and shoulders. We go out- and then she walks me to the door ... and later on , when her daddy gets up- she goes to the ottoman where he puts on his shoes - she tells him I didn't rub her and she gets another one. SNEAKY!



Liz said...

That's too funny. Matt sometimes calls me after I post a blog (whenever I mention him) in distress. I'm sure he wishes I'd just leave him out of it. :)

John said...

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