Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We are THIS close to calming down and enjoying Christmas. Next year the goal will be to reach this goal by Thanksgiving.

We have two more presents to buy and we are DONE - we need to wrap them too - but the FL and SC presents were mailed yesterday. YAY! Conrad's birthday is Thursday- that will be a busy day. I won't say why HERE since he reads this- but it will be a busy day. Then Saturday night we have a party and then our obligations are pretty much done. From there on out, relaxation- I hope.

I am talking cookies, eggnog, Christmas tunes and Christmas movies. I am going to try to do that the last two weeks of the season OH and torture Conrad about what I have gotten him and trying to get him to tell me what he got me. HE HE

Secret Santa at work is next week too. Last year I had my boss- this year is someone else, but I am SO excited. I worked really hard on her gifts and I hope she likes them. I really enjoy playing Santa more than getting things - I like to put the time into the thought of it. Also we only have a $30 limit, so you have to be WAY creative to squeeze three fabulous present out of that. It's so much fun!!! As soon as it's over I can tell ya what I did. YAY!

Ok- that's all for tonight. I'm really sleepy today for some reason- rain today and then a cold front coming in tonight. They say there's snow in Dallas tonight.



Jess said...

Snow in Dallas? Really? How fun!

I'm glad things are starting to wind down for you!