Tuesday, December 2, 2008

For the Record

Sunday night MTV premiered the Britney Spears documentary, For the Record. She had it come out two days before (today) her record dropped ... I TIVO'd it and last night had a chance to watch it.

As you know, I'm not really a Britney FAN but I was really looking for some explanation from her about what the heck HAPPENED. How do you have all that money, and access to so many things the rest of us don't and you just go completely and totally crazy. She could have FLOWN a head shrink to some far corner of the world to be at her beck and call for a month ...

I didn't really get any answers, although the show was entertaining. When the show came on they said that "questions were asked, all were answered and it was no holds barred". I think the last day of filming was like November 6th of this year. Less than a month ago. At NO TIME did they ever ask or did she ever mention the fact that she doesn't have her kids. I REALLY want to know what makes Kevin Federline DAD OF THE YEAR and makes her such a bad mom. In order to lose your kids to K-Fed, you have REALLY dropped the ball. I DID learn that he left her- I thought it was the other way around. Apparently not. He got what he wanted- somewhat famous and $20K a month in child support for the next 17 years and I think like $350K with the divorce. He completely and totally used her. JERK. I know some Kevin Federline's myself.

The hour BEFORE this aired they had like a "Top Ten MTV Moments with Britney" show and all she asked was "are they going to show last year's?" ... honey that's the first question I would have asked too ... you know, when she wore that bikini thing and WALKED around the stage instead of danced ... and how it was the talk of all of us for WEEKS. Well, they didn't show that- but at least she is somewhat rational now and knows that wasn't her best career move. They actually gave her an option of a corset vs bikini. She took the bikini. BAD MOVE. First of all, in the months before she had shaved her head and it had not grown back yet. She is a brunette, so I'm not really sure why she choose platinum blonde extentions with an inch of black showing through ... but I am also not sure why you choose a bikini when you have given birth to two kids almost EXACTLY one year from each other AND you have recently been photographed, ONLY been photographed either with a mouthful of cheetos or clutching a bucket of KFC.

I mean, listen, if I review the following month's worth of pictures of me and in all of them I'm either holding a taco or a bucket of chicken there is a PROBLEM - and I would chose the corset. They are much more forgiving. Britney is still young- that chicken hadn't hit her butt yet- she could have totally played it off. *SIGH* but alas, she did not. If I were her, I would have been concerned about MTV pulling that little performance out of the archives as well.

Anyway, it was worth the hour watch I guess- but no big secrets were forthcoming. Disappointing ...