Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tastefully Simple

Many years ago- like eleven years ago- my friend started selling Tastefully Simple and I loved it. Life happened, she stopped selling it and I bought it once in awhile when I would be invited to a party or something ... but no major reordering.

My friend is back in the business (email me if you want her info) - and I had a party I think it was earlier this year ... maybe late last year and we had a good time. They do have a normal catalog they keep always and then they have seasonal items. So it changes twice a year. I never can WAIT when the new catalog comes out! I also gave out a ton last Christmas ... oh ok, so my party was late last year!

I had a lot of it on hand - and I got a hankering on Wednesday for some artichoke dip. I also love the beer bread. I make it with Blue Moon- you can use any beer - but I think the Blue Moon makes it really sweet.

The thing about TS, is that it never requires more than two ingredients for you to add. If you wish to spruce it up, or use in a recipe, then that's different ... but the only two items for the beer bread are beer and butter ... and of course the mix. So anyway - I made the bread and got it in the oven. Then I made the artichoke dip - on the sides of the box are all the variations you can use and one of them was to use actual artichokes and I did have some. So I made the dip and chose to go to "oven baked" route. I also then popped some frozen cheese raviolis in some boiling water and use up some sauce I had hanging around. The result was a DELISH dinner. (Hello Mikasa French Countryside plate! ... if you want to buy me a present, I could use their soup bowls -8 of them- and also maybe their serving platters- thanks!)

It was really quick too! The bread baked for an hour while I puttered around the house. 20 mintues before it was ready I put the dip in the oven and I started the boiling water ... and nuked the sauce. So .. I mean SERIOUSLY it was no time.

I really do recommend these products. I love most of it. The almond pound cake will make you cry. As will the corn and black bean salsa ... I totally dig all the jarred sauces and condiments like the teriaki sauce and the bourbon glaze ... good stuff! Conrad digs on the bread and he has pushed me out of the way every night as we re-heat our artichoke dip ... he LOVES LOVES LOVES the almond poundcake and gets near panic when we get down to one box. I never liked key lime anything- but the key lime cheese ball with the graham cracker twisties - is like my favorite thing in the world. If Conrad eats it, I glare at him the entire time. Those are MINE!

Tastefully Simple can turn you into a REALLY selffish person! Anyway - should you wish to find out more, please let me know so my friend can get in touch with you. They also have a website ...



Lori York said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Karyn! It's great stuff!! I cleaned out my pantry tonight and threw away a TON of stuff that had expired (regular stuff...not TS) and just realized I do NOT use my TS NEARLY enough!!! Gonna have to handle up on that!