Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Simple Things ...

I like the simple things in life. I went to HEB on Saturday to grocery shop (yes RIGHT before the fridge broke) and I saw a pack of happy, neon straws. I had been wanting some straws for awhile. Oprah uses the stainless steel ones and I love those. I have them holding in my cart for - my birthday is almost here, so I should maybe ask for them. Anyway, so I wanted straws and I saw a bag of 275 for 99 cents. SOLD! There are pink and yellow, green, purple - etc- so many happy colors.

(and YES -- those are my fancy Mikasa drinking glasses! Conrad's grandmother had MAD good taste and she set him up in full Mikasa when he got his first apartment. He doesn't know what it is - so I have been reaping the benefits for years. We have been set up in a fine kitchen! )

I often remind Conrad how lucky he is. A wife who is happy with 275 neon straws? Doesn't want to empty out the bank account on clothes and shoes? Well I DO want to but I never do ...

and then later that night - we decided grilled cheese and soup was JUST the ticket. I made the Potato Cheddar soup from Tastefully Simple. Just 6 cups of water, the mix and 30 minutes on simmer. We added cheese and bacon bits. Simple!

I don't know why I take pictures of my food. It started when I ate at Paula Deen's restaurant. Sometimes it looks so yummy, I have to share!



Lori York said...

I have those same exact straws...and I'm thinking that soup is gonna get me through the weekend!