Friday, July 1, 2011

Skate Bootie


This is the "Skate Bootie" by Jeffrey Campbell and it can be yours for $199.95

Words fail me. THIS is why I am not a fashion maven. People are going crazy for these things on the fashion blogs. $200 for these? Do you know how many pairs of shoes and/or flip flops I could buy for that? Do you have any idea what they would do to me if I waltzed into work wearing those. I would look like Dorothy Hamil on steriods. Actually I don't know how you would waltz or walk in them. I would have to be wheeled in wearing my fancy skate shoes. Do people in New York City REALLY run out and catch cabs in such ridiculousness? I am completely cattywompus at the thought. Can your shoes GET termites?

Wow, this really did a lot for my self esteem this morning. Sometimes I look at my shoe collection in the morning and I think WHY don't I wear more heels? Why don't I have any puce colored shoes? Why don't I have more black sandals? Why can't I wear flip flops to work? ... and then I get sad. But then when I saw this - I felt better. I think I'm doing fine. Maybe bright yellow sandals and monkey shoes are really as far into "outlandish" as I really need to go.

At least I know I'm not crazy... liking these would be a good barometer ... and Conrad can rest in the fact our fashion budget is safe.... and that his wife doesn't look like Lady Ga Ga.


P.S. I can't stop staring at them ... and that revealed to me, if you look close, these have a PEEP toe. REALLY? Skate booties don't have toes. OMG. This is the most fascinating thing I have witnessed since Lady Ga Ga's "meat shoes". I am freaking out.  LOL


Lori York said...

I like them. LOL...secretly...I LOVE THEM..but I could never wear them.