Sunday, July 17, 2011

RND Rustic- Magnolia, Texas

So LAST Saturday Conrad and I were running around like crazy people, meeting builders. The timing was a bit off. We didn't have time to go home in between, but then again ... we really were sort bored and needed something to do between the meetings. I hate that. It's like ... afternoon weddings. Your morning is shot getting ready and getting TO the wedding and then after ... there's not enough time left to really DO anything else that day, but still ... enough time left that you sort of feel like you gave the entire wedding your day. 

So we were driving down this 1488 road that I rarely travel and I saw this cute store off to the side called RND Rustics. They had the wood porch furniture and rockers and stuff piled up by the door and I thought WHAT THE HECK - and pulled in. OMG you guys, HEAVEN. They have the NICEST stuff. If you like a tiny bit of western on yourself or in your decor, this place is for YOU. They have the cutest barbed wire plate set ... they had my Outlaw mug for $6!!! They had towels and the bathroom racks/rods/toilet paper holders. Pictures, serving stuff, tables, lamps, rawhide lampshades, funny cute stuff ...  the pillows, OH THE PILLOWS- animal print, leather, fringed.... They had furniture- really unique and comfy furniture. The couches they had blew me away. Such nice buttery leather - they had one couch for $850 and one loveseat for $650. I think that is a fair price for nice big comfy leather furniture. But what got my heart to singing were their sectionals. I have never seen one bigger. They had several colors.

It could seat me, Conrad, his sister, and BIL ... both their kids AND his mom and dad and I think that leaves even one seat left open. I mean that's like ... the best seating ever for something like Christmas where EVERYONE is over. It was $1800 which I think was a fair price. The two ends recline and it had a couple of fold down consoles with cup holders and little box like console things were you could hide the remotes.

I REALLY like their furniture. Conrad doesn't want to do the entire house Texas, of course, but he did suggest I could do my craft room upstairs as such - or at least a little bit of it. So I went up to the counter and asked if they did custom furniture and they said that was ALL they did. They said they could do me a nice, thick, black daybed with like a Texas star really tastefully burned into it in like ... 8 weeks. NICE!

When we move, we are coming back here for sure. We'll need one of these giant sectionals for the game room if nothing else. I am really loving their stuff. Also PERFECT place for me to shop for Christmas for the people in the family and friends that are into rustic. There are a few! ... they had loads of Texas A&M stuff, not much Longhorns ... they had the barstools that looked like saddles. I could seriously go on forever.

I HEART RND Rustics!



Joe Henry said...

He doesn't want to do the whole house Texas, of course.

There is NO reason not to.

Joe Henry said...

He doesn't want to do the whole house Texas, of course.

There is NO reason not to do that.