Saturday, July 30, 2011

Borders Bargains


I am so sorry I've been missing ... I got SICK SICK SICK.

Wednesday morning I woke up and felt really bad - made it through half a day of work, waved the white flag and went home. The next day I woke up with screaming pain in my ears and throat -- I could not stop coughing and sneezing. One nostril was stuffed up and one was running. On Friday I went in - and worked another half day ... and finally went to the doc. Viral infection. Could have turned into upper resp if I had kept at it but I've got some meds to just ease my pain ... today I've been in bed or on the couch all day. Conrad won't even let me fold a dishtowel. I'm on an "island" (the couch) and I can not get off!

Anyway, on the way home Friday -- I passed a Borders store. We have none where I live, this was the only one and I figured what the hay and I went on in. As you know, they are closing all stores should be a done deal by September or so. I went in looking for Christmas bargains but it turns out that's not to easy. First of all, most things are only 20% off right now. I'd rather catch some deals at 40% off or better ... and second of all, if I buy a novel or something to give away at Christmas, chances are people will already have read it by then ... so it was not such a great idea after all. Maybe only on things like cookbooks, games, kids books, coffee table books.

I did swing by the cookbook section. I have told myself from now on just ask for them as gifts, but I wondered if there may be a deal and there WAS!

As a person, I don't care much for Sandra Lee. She is her own biggest fan - she doesn't need us. On her shows, she raves about herself and her endless talent. I used to watch Semi-Homemade just to see what her kitchen was decorated like and how her outfits matched. Conrad and I would bet on it before we watched, based on the description of her show that day ... for seafood, sometimes her kitchen would be blue/white with sailboats on the curtains and she'd be in a striped naval shirt. Or the description would say she was doing easy home take-out --her kitchen would be red and black and she'd been in like an asian kimono ... one time her kitchen was like ... taken over by crayons for a kids birthday party theme and she was wearing rainbows all over her shirt.  

She is RIDICULOUS. She may even be CRAZY ... she made her fortune on QVC in the 80's with those plastic things you hung above your windows and pulled fabric through to make those PUFFY curtains. YES. But, she's a fairly good cook.

I have her Money Saving Meals cookbook and I like it. I like her giant pictures and the way the books are set up. As a cookbook goes, they are some of my favs.

Her cookbooks are $19.95 - almost always. So anyway I found her 20 Minute Meals and her Easy Weeknight Favorites there at Borders. Marked down from $19.95 to $4.99 - and then with the discount for going out of business, I walked out at $3 apiece. So that was WORTH breaking the "no buying cookbooks rule" ... I danced out of there with glee. For $3 for a nice cookbook like hers, it was ok to buy at 20% off. I felt like next time I went back, there would be no more.

If I felt better this weekend, I'd be cooking for sure.