Thursday, August 13, 2009

WHAT, Conrad?

Conrad and I LOVE That 70's Show. We've seen every episode at least 5 times. We TIVO it everyday and watch it again at 11PM. It's AWESOME.

Red Foreman reminds me of my dad.

So today we're sitting here watching a re-run, the house is quiet, our bellies are full, there is peace on earth, or at least here in Tomball. The episode is one where Kitty is teaching the girls to make fudge and she keeps sneaking sips of liquor and she tells them "this is what makes cooking fun!" ... and Red walks in, overhears and says "and laundry, and housework and ...."

So I guess Kitty has a bit o' a reputation. Fast forward to our living room, circa 2009, right after this scene mentioned above.

Conrad: You know, Kitty reminds me of you, in 20 years.

Karyn: What?

Conrad: You know, you'll be like KITTY in 20 years.

Karyn: In what way?

Conrad: You know, slutty ... a little drunk.

Karyn: WHAT?

Conrad: Yeah you know, a little drunk ... and .... southern

Karyn: Conrad this show is set in WISCONSIN. Kitty is from WISCONSIN

Conrad: NO! I can hear it a little in her voice ...

OMG, the most random conversation EVER. I am not slutty nor am a drunk ... and Kitty was never from the South. I don't even ... know what to say.

The Drunk Slutty Southerner


kkmom said...

I love it when you post these little conversations! Since, I know rad so well, it's like I'm sitting there and can hear the conversation for myself! Plus, (don't tell Conrad) but those are some of the times I miss about him most! He's such a nut!

lori.ayork said...


Grace Matthews said...

It's hilarious how men see the world huh? Ha Ha