Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My fabulous day

So Saturday was a FABulous day...

Conrad had been gone all week ... and I decided to go on ahead and do a little garage sale creeping, in honor of my approaching birthday (tomorrow) ... I went and for the first time in several months I found some stuff ... I got this really cool red carry on bag- it's very structured, perfect for taking books and stuff on a plane and even has a little cell phone pocket. I also got Eat, Pray, Love- which was an Oprah Book Club selection. I think it's like $25 and unless it's a cookbook, I don't buy books new - so at $2 it was a bargain! I also got this puffy pancake pan. If it's cast iron, I almost always pick it up - it's valuable. This pan is intended to make pancakes, with stuff baked in them. Although the little cookbook says you can stuff it with meat, cheese- etc. So I guess you could make little mini pizza muffns or something and then finally, a small bag of buttons. It was a dime.

Here's a close up of the pancake thing. I know you've probably seen it on TV.

Ok the bag of buttons ... several years ago I bought this cool dish at a garage sale and I started collecting buttons. I think my grandmother did- and I SWEAR I am turning into her. I don't know why I need a button dish, but I do and I frequently add to them and so, when I saw the cute little bag, I had to buy it!

From there, I decided- ok, so what to do on a day when Conrad is gone? It came to me - facial/pedicure ... tea room and shopping! So that's what I did. I probably should have researched my day spa a little better. It was sort of in an out of the way place and the two chicks who ran it were middle aged women, into Renaissance festivals and they played an online game called Second Life. We spent the afternoon talking about slaves, slavers, elves, magicians, etc ... it was WEIRD ... they talked about the game so much vs real life .. they would have to tell me "in game" to help me figure out if they really did whatever the story they were telling - or if their character was doing whatever the story was. ODD, ODD ... but I kept up pretty well. At one point I said "oh like dungeons and dragons" and they seemed offended.
From there, I headed to the Whistle Stop Tea Room in downtown Tomball. YUM-O! I had the quiche with tortilla soup and pasta salad. It was like $7 and I had apricot tea. It was great and the place was filled with men so I've actually talked Conrad into going with me this coming Saturday for lunch.
Finally I was drawn in to The Bath Hut which is a new shop in Tomball. SHUT UP- I never spend money. I shop sales and garage sales - I rarely pay full price. But I could not pass this place up. You pick your scent (multiple if you want) and color. I got the bubblebath in green- it was Garden Mint and Spearmint and then I got the body salt scrub in pink - Sunflower and Midnight Rain. ABSOLUTE HEAVEN. I also bought a super fly candle. It was a GOOD DAY.

When I got home I had two birthday cards waiting on me !!! One from Mommy To Be- Lori and one from the Florida parental units. It just brightened my day !!! I was so stoked. I love cards and emails and comments and calls and stuff on my day. Just to know people are thinking of me ... then I poured myself some cheap-o Wild Vines Blackberry Merlot from Wal-Mart which always makes me think of my good buddy Tracy! .... and I relaxed .... so this was a super fabulous ending to a super fabulous day. I went to bed a full, sweet smelling, happy girl.

Tomorrow I'm 34.


lori.ayork said...

Happy Early Birthday! I am so glad to know you found the Whistle Stop Tea Room! That is one of my MOST favorite places! You HAVE to try the coconut cream pie next time! I think I used to get this veggie sandwich on a croissant... did you know they also make their own pimento cheese? And the slices of bread for their sandwiches are so thick and all the bread is home-made too! YUM! Me and Charlie iwll DEFINITELY be eating there with Aunt KK VERY soon!

Jess said...

It sounds like an absolutely lovely day! And happy early birthday!