Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Change is acomin'

Lots of things seem to be changing

* My supervisor at work is leaving. She put in her notice today. Seems change is always afoot at work ... keeps things interesting I guess ... keeps us learning new things ... keeps us changing up responsibilities. I wish her well. I'll miss her and change is always hard ... but alas, these things happen.

* The humidity seems to have let up. It's almost pleasant tonight ... reminds me that fall and Christmas and pumpkin spice at Starbucks is right around the corner!

* Along with fall comes FOOTBALL~ I am so excited! I noticed today that Texas A&M plays a game this year at the new Cowboy stadium. YA-HOO! Sign me up, buddy!

First Cowboy game this season is against the much hated TAMPA BAY BUCCS. You are going DOWN TB. DOWN!



Jess said...

When our assistant director, my boss's boss, gave her notice about a year ago, it was like a freaking earthquake. Nobody could BELIEVE it. But we've all adjusted since. You will too, I'm sure!

lori.ayork said...

Angela's leaving?

brianalso said...

They are not the hated Tampa Bay Bucs they are the beloved...I think that the cowboys are the hated ones with there cheating tv in the stadium and by the way they have not won a playoff game since 1996 I don't even remeber that far back hmmmmmm.