Monday, August 17, 2009

Carbon Footprint

I've been thinking lately about the little things I do everyday that effect the environment. Dasterdly deed # 1 is using too many sandwich bags when I bring my lunch and Dasterdly deed # 2 is brining my lunch in Wal-Mart sacks ...

I solved problem # 1 a few weeks ago by buying a Wonder bread container- shaped like bread! So now I can take bread or sandwiches in a tupperware type container.

Problem # 2 was harder, but was solved today. When my friend Amy was here last month we took a trip to Steinmart and they had the CUTEST little insulated lunch totes. They had three or four styles to choose from. At that time, I didn't get anything, but they stayed on my mind.

My mom sent me birthday money - and so today I ran back to Steinmart PRAYING they were still there. THEY WERE!!! and they were on sale AND I had a 20% off coupon. SCORE for $10 - I'm saving the enviroment AND I am going to look SO SUPER CUTE ... it even has a "K" on it !!! It was meant to be.

Not only have I reduced my own little tiny carbon footprint ... I'm gonna be stylin' and smilin' ... I mean the minute my coworkers see it, they are gonna be jealous of me !!!!


Jess said...

So cute! Excellent work.

lori.ayork said...

PLUS! A tornado did NOT rip the roof off your Kohls while you were buying this totally cute bag!

Tracy said...

Are you using reusable Shopping bags at the grocery store, too? That is something I have jumped on board with! I hate those plastic bags, and you can put so much more in the reusable ones - plus the straps are big enough to carry over your shoulders...
Do you have an IKEA there? If so, they have the most amazing collection of Tupperware type containers at rock-bottom pricing and it is GOOD stuff!!