Sunday, August 2, 2009



We didn't PERSONALLY lift a finger, but it's sort of exhausting ... watching your house be torn apart and put back together. New front door and hardware ... garage is now attached to the house, via the utility room, the back door is fixed AND we have a new porch light. Hurricane Ike took away our last one.

I took before and after pics and I'll show them soon. I do have a few things to do - I need to repaint around doorjams, I had to spackle the nail holes in the new casings around the doors, the utility room BADLY needs a new paint job. I plan to tackle these things THIS week ... I have the fire, the spirit- I have been renewed for home improvement.

The thing I thought I really didn't care about (garage being attached) is the thing now I think is most awesome. We can put luggage in the car now without the entire neighborhood knowing we're going away- we can walk outside easily now and get the screwdriver ... you can take out the trash at midnight without fear of being bonked on the head by some random street punk. NOT that the neighborhood is crawling with punks- but you see a questionable person now and then.

Anyway, not since the fireplace update have I felt this ... productive.



Jess said...

I knew you would love the attached garage! Seriously, it is the most convenient thing ever. It's good for us too because we can let Montana run out to the car without worrying that she will run away.