Sunday, June 28, 2009


It has been so HOT ... I mean AFRICA HOT. It's exhausting to walk from the car to the house or the car into my building.

I haven't felt like cooking, cleaning, nothing ... not even blogging. I apologize for my absence. I do feel like the world is ending or something.

First Ed McMahon, then Farrah, then MICHAEL of all people - my one true love, at least when I was 11 - and now Billy Mays? I mean WHAT IS UP ? .... and then you know N Korea threatening to drop the bomb, the Pres of Iraq losing HIS mind and now the Pres of Hondras has been run off to Costa Rica.

I'm confused about the state of the world as a whole, I guess. The Michael thing really did hit me hard. It's like part of my childhood is gone. Through the years you lose enough of that as it is, you never expect to lose your idol when they are so young and to what appears to be their own hand. I told Conrad, this is clearly our generation's "Elvis".

Anyway, RIP Michael wherev-ah you are.



Tracy said...

You know what's crazy, is out of all the deaths, the one that kind of made me suck in my breathe was Billy Mays. I guess just because he was current. He was all over our TV and was 'right now' and vibrant so alive.

Michael was a tragic figure, but I was never that big of a fan. You know me - I was bangin my head, not moonwalking..