Friday, June 5, 2009

Thinking Back

I've spent more years in Dallas, than anywhere else- so I still have friends there ... and one of my friends was mentioning that the Texas Rangers have the best record in the America League this year ... which is cool. I do NOT like the Houston Astros and let's be honest, the Texans are a JOKE! GO COWBOYS

... and that got me to thinking - I think this happened once before ... many years ago and I THINK I was at the game when we clinched the title. Hmm ... yes, yes ... yes I was at that game .... and then I started laughing. Let me tell you about the game.

So my friend Sunny and I used to be patrons at this place called Cutter's - it was a little family owned country bar right outside of Dallas. The same people were always there, and shoot, they got to be like family to us. Until one night when this guy showed up-Chris ... and you have to remember, I was young - I'm not even sure I was legal ..... but I liked and trusted everyone and so when Chris showed up, he was just part of the family ...

and I remember Chris would NOT leave me ALONE !!!! No matter what I did- he was calling, coming around. UGH- Sunny and I started calling him "Crazy Chris" ... because he was mildly psychotic and TEMPER- lord, he had a temper.

But he rang me up one night and said he had tickets to the Ranger game. This game went on FOREVER - until 2 AM ... and we didn't even WIN the game- Seattle lost THEIR game, so we won American League by default. Even though we lost the game and even though it was the longest game in the history of TEXAS - we made the Ameican League and confetti poured from the ceiling. It was a good night.

But it got me to thinking about Crazy Chris and how he just disappeared and I wonder where he went ... and now that I'm looking 34 dead in the eye, I'm thinking about the people I used to hang out with and WOAH ...

I am now, in my old age, remembering why we called him Crazy Chris. Crazy Chris, at the time of our aquaintence, had just gotten out of prison. Not county jail- I think he was in the po-po, you know what I'm saying? He was in there for stalking his ex-girlfriend and now looking back, I remember him on the payphone at Cutter's screaming into it ... and I remember reminding him um, this is how you ended up in jail- STOP calling her, and I remember him telling me "she likes it" and I remember him calling and calling and calling me- nonstop. I didn't like it.

and mostly ... I remember I used to think it was funny to make him mad. This was back in the day, and he had a pager- so I'd call him all hours of the night, but instead of putting in my number, I'd put in the 4377, so when he turned his pager over it spelled HELL and it would make him SO mad and he'd know it was me- he'd spend a few minutes blowing up my phone yelling.

Ah (shaking my head) good times ... gracious sakes alive, I have no idea how I ever calmed down enough to get myself a husband - especially one like Conrad - or how I never got myself killed. I am almost certain Crazy Chris ended up back in the hoosgow ...

I rememer the last time I ever saw him. He came to my apartment in Arlington to watch a movie and he was looking at the TV, glanced at me and said "You know, your entertainment center really doesn't match the rest of your furniture" ... and I was like WHAT? GET OUT! ... and I made him leave. I was so beside myself.

Wow, maybe I was a bit of a "Krazy Karyn"


lori.ayork said...

You should post about SCARY LARRY! And getting lost at the Phoenix! Milk Bar?...Sky Bar? Whatev.....GOOD TIMES!