Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lori's Shower

Well, yesterday has come and gone. I had been waiting FOREVER for my friend, Lori's baby shower. She doesn't live here in Houston, but she used to- so she came back and let us spend the day with her- her baby boy is due in about 10 weeks or so. We are so excited for her!

So the day started off with me making some homemade blueberry muffins with our berries from last week we picked. YUM!

I actually spent LAST weekend getting Lori's gift together and now that her shower has passed, I can FINALLY post on it- because Lori reads this blog and I didn't want her to see! So I worked on it last weekend because I'm not so good at getting things done during the work week and I didn't want to be running around Saturday morning before the shower. I sooooo love a party and I didn't want to be stressed!

My speciality seems to be baskets - and I really enjoy putting them together. I like getting them too! It's almost like a grab bag which I just love ... so I went to Target and got or 5 small things she had registered for and then I just added stuff I liked- HA! .... so I started the basket with a blue blanket that said BABY BOY - and I laid the blanket in there in such a way so you could see it.
I layerd it with two cute little baby hand towels with cute little froggies on it. Then I just started piling on! I got some onesies in several sizes (one in cammo!) and some little nail clippers, a crib mirror, a pair of cammo shoes, and a few more little things - like a ceramic cross that says SWEET BABY and I also made her some thank you notes to use at her other showers - with ribbons with little blue footprints. I wrapped it up and tied it off with a blue cammo bow! I thought it was super cute ...

I took some great pics of Lori, but I'm only going to show the one with her and my basket - if she wants to post the rest on her blog, Mommy To Be, she can and you can see them there ... I know I wouldn't want people posting pics of me all over without my approval. This one is cute- so I think she'll approve. We had a GREAT time and I just love Lori. We've been friends about 9 years now and she's one of the oldest friends I have. I am so happy for her and Robbie and so proud of all the things she overcame in her life. She was one of those people who was 21 in years and 38 in experience and maturity. We really clicked when we met and I really do adore her. I don't get to see her much, but I know she knows I care ... so congrats Lori! I am happy and proud for you guys!



lori.ayork said...

Love this and LOVE YOU!