Thursday, June 4, 2009


I had promised this post for awhile- just now getting around to it! So ... we had these lights in the guest bathroom and we didn't like them. The silver was ok- at least it wasn't gold - but the "Hollywood" look went out some time ago ...

Conrad found a nice replacement set at Lowe's on the clearance table for $15. Typical of us, it sat for months ... until one day we got a wild hair and decided to put the light up ... but alas, when we took down the Hollywood light, there was a huge hole the size of Conrad's fist behind the light. Now we have talked about this- there are some great things about this house- crown molding, garden tub, french doors, etc ... and then there are some awful things about this house- the way it's so cheaply built, for one. SURE, it withstood a hurricane - but things like a hole in the wall - commonplace.

So. Conrad went to install the light, but it didn't cover the hole. It would have needed a nice patch job. So he went back out and bought ANOTHER light that would actually cover the hole. There was a small hole still there, but we patched it pretty well and I painted around the new fixture and ta-da! It looks GREAT!!!!

See for yourself.


lori.ayork said...

Hollywood lighting went out some time ago? No one told my bathrooms! Guess I'm going to Lowes!

Roeshel said...

LOVE your new light fixtures! Great job! It makes a huge difference!