Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I didn't mean for my last three posts to be about Michael Jackson, but does no one else think his dad is completely out of control? First he goes to the BET awards and tells CNN all about his new record label. WHO CARES ... then he holds a press conference to further let the world know about his stupid record label. Here is a BIG news flash for him- there will never be another Michael Jackson - so give it up? What is he going to do, beat another kid until they become the most famous person in the world????

........... and now, he is putting him on what can only be called "display" at Neverland later this week. I don't know MJ, never met him - but something tells me he would be horrified. He didn't like people looking at him in life. He completely altered his face over the years, he had such issues with it- do his parents REALLY think he wants to lay there and let a million people walk by. Someone, somewhere is going to be able to sneak in a camera phone - so rest assured by Saturday morning, dead pics will be all over the internet. Does anyone else think this is a horrible idea?

Regardless of how you feel about him, most people deserve some dignity and that includes not putting him out for display. I've had many family members, in passing conversation, tell me their wishes and whether I agree or not, I'd do my best to honor them.

Here is my tribute to Michael and since he's no longer confined to an earthly vessel he has way more chance of seeing this ...

I think someone needs to take a baseball bat to Mr Joe Jackson's knees. Just saying ... "BEAT IT!"

I hope that makes him smile.



Jess said...

I don't know much about the situation but from everything I've heard, Joe Jackson started exploiting Michael when he was very young, and clearly his son's death wasn't enough to stop him. The way he refused to answer questions about his son at the press conference and instead kept talking about his record label? Horrifying.