Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stress Test

I went to see my thyroid doc a few months ago- for my tri-monthly blood test. At the end of the visit, as I was checking out - the lady said the doc wanted me to sign up for a stress test. Like a CARDIAC stress test. So I did - for June 18- tomorrow ... the thing is he never TOLD me during my visit he wanted that, or why ... and when he listened to my heart he didn't say anything or seem concerned. My BP is 110/75 which is GREAT, my heartrate is about 77 at rest and my cholesteral is 138. So what the HECK?

....and today I canceled that stress test appt and that's ok because I had a follow up appt for the next week and I'm keeping that appointment - because the more I thought about it, the more I am like WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO HAVE A CARDIAC STRESS TEST? I asked the nurse today when I canceled my appt and she asked me all these questions and the answers were NO- are you sick? Are you having chest pains? Are you short of breath? Do you have diabetes? NO NO NO NO NO ... and I said I am only 33! The only thing I can think of is that I had started my exercise plan with Big Al and I told the doc- so maybe he was wanting to see how much exercise I could really handle. Maybe he just wants a nice baseline so we can go off that as I age - thyroid and endocrine diseases really do contribute to heart problems and all that later on.

I don't know- but all I do know is that I am sort of half way freaking out.

I see the doc next Thursday the 25th. Any ideas?



Jess said...

I would just ask the thyroid doctor why he wanted you to sign up for the stress test. If he can't provide a valid explanation than there's no reason to do it. If it were me I'd be concerned that it was a knee-jerk reaction to my body size rather than any real, founded concern about my health. Regardless, he should be discussing these things with you and empowering you to understand your own health rather than just having his receptionist spring surprise tests on you.