Sunday, May 31, 2009


This has been a great weekend! We had so mch fun!

Saturday was errand day - Blanca and I both had our hair d
one- I went to the library- and did some shopping ... I have a baby shower to go to next weekend .... and then I made a super tasty pork chop casserole ... which we followed up by watching Fireproof. More on that, maybe later, in a different post.

Anyway, this MORNING we woke up and went to the blueberry farm!

There's one about 7 miles from here (we live very near the true country) ... and we picked enough blueberries for a year.

Here's me ... and what you can't see here is that even at 10AM it's so hot and humid, my makeup is literally streaming off my face.

The supermarket sells 1/4 lb cartons for $2.98 and this place charges $3 a pound. AND you get to pick them yourself - what a bargain and fun too! Here's Conrad reaching for his next blueberry victim.

This was only day two of the season ... which lasts about 6 weeks ... there had been so many little kids come through yesterday that the bottoms of the trees were bare. So it's good to take a tall boy with you- so they can reach the juicy berries at the top of the tree. Make sure to get you a boy that's at least six feet tall- MY boy is taller than that ...

Blueberries start off pink! But they aren't ripe until they are blue and look like they're covered in powder. Unlike other fruit, they also don't continue to ripen. They can only ripen on the tree. So you should not pick pink ones ... they will never ripen. I confess a snitched a few off the tree to sample, during our picking ... and they were YUM!
Conrad made me wear my tennis shoes. They looked ridiculous with what I was wearing, but he ended up being right. The blueberry bushes are very scratchy- my arms are all scratched up AND the lady out there said they had seen snakes yesterday! I didn't see any snakes, but if I had- I can assure you I'd have moved faster than Conrad has ever seen!

We go out to eat, and we shop and we work on the house a lot, but we can rarely be found outside. When it's hot and humid, we are nowhere to be found - but this morning I thought it would be so much fun to get up and go pick our berries! So we went ... and had a great time!
Look at all the yummy berries! We'll be having homemade blueberry muffins, pancakes, cheesecakes - you name it. I think you can even make a sauce for pork chops with these babies. The total? $ 8!
Now I am in the process of freezing them on cookie sheets and bagging them up. You freeze them flat so they don't stick together. That way, if I just need a cup or something for a recipe, I can just scoop them out - and they freeze well. They'll last at least a year.