Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The weekend was a little weird. I had all these things I really wanted to do and I did none of them. I didn't rest very well - almost every night I had trouble sleeping ... and I just feel like I didn't get a whole lot done. I even sort of cooled out on my cooking- we ate out a lot towards the end of the holiday. Conrad, however, had a great weekend. He said he got lots of rest and relaxation - and he had a great weekend. Not saying mine wasn't good- anytime you're at home, it's all good - but I had books I wanted to read and I barely cracked open a book, movies to watch - I only got around to one. VERY strange for me. Oh and that stupid neighbor dog barked ALL Sunday night- I think his people went out of town again. I am SERIOUSLY going to have to have a talk with them! I can't do it this summer- should they decide to leave him at some point and go on vacation. I mean other people have to work. We're not ALL children and teachers for goodness sake!

Last week, I made some delicious meatballs! Most people can make them, they're not hard- but I stuffed these with mozerella cheese before I baked them. SUPER yum. Conrad had five!

Also on Saturday, I did get out and attended a tile workshop at Home Depot. It was an hour long and it was free ... they have them all weekend, and all week nights ... on all different kinds of things. You can go to Home Depots website and sign up for them. I won a $25 gift card! I didn't know it, but they do drawing for prizes (at least at my store they do) when you sign up and attend these classes. That alone was worth going for! It was like I made $25 this weekend. It was AWESOME! ... oh and yeah, I DID learn about tile too!