Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Remember

It's 12:30 in the morning and I'm laying next to my sleeping husband and dog, with tears rolling down my face ... because suddenly I am remembering and missing my grandparents ... who are gone 14 and 18 years now.... and it feels very suddenly like I just lost them yesterday. I haven't cried for them since I was planning my wedding and realizing they would not be there- in body. Although I promise you I did everything I could think of to get them there in spirit and I HAVE to believe they came ... and before the wedding, with just LIFE - I don't think I cried for years. There is no anniversary coming up - neither one of them's birthday (grandma was born at the end of June) or their death dates (Oct and Nov) coming up - so I have no idea what brought this on. But I know I can't sleep. Is grandma trying to get me to write some memorial tribute or something? I don't know - but I'll write it because I want to go to sleep. Thinking about it is all of the sudden to much for me. I do know I am frighteningly a LOT like them both - and most of the time it brings comfort ... I love junk and garage sales and a good deal - I throw a darn good party and I'm really finding myself in the kitchen. I know a hand written note is the way to go everytime and I try to religiously send out birthday cards. I am my grandparents spawn.

I don't expect this post will mean much but to a handful of people - my mom, my Aunt Robin, my former stepdad Chris, my Uncle Dick ... but here we go.

I remember ....

A ledgendary Christmas party, pecan tarts, lunch at 11 AM sharp- everyday, snores that would wake the dead, long painted fingernails, fingernail polish on the TV channel buttons, fingernail polish on everything, Cody 24 lipstick, red orange bathroom fixtures, avocado green bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances, a strange door cut in half in the kitchen, 2003 Cosgrove Ave, metal trash cans, a backyard garden and clothesline, birdbaths, Papa's shop, an old fashioned coffee percolator, omlets made with ANYTHING from shrimp to spaghetti sauce- his eating habits were disgusing :), fly swatters, garage sales, S&S Cafeteria, Buick Skylark, El Camino, chain link fences, "Well I DECLARE!", 554-7427, grandad's Conway Twitty perm, suspenders, black socks worn with ankle boots AND shorts, watermelon, beer - pronounced BEAR, trips to FL, Kmart, the cedar chest full of presents, the Christmas tree never decorated the same color, talking on the phone for HOURS, complaining about the price of stamps going up (boy would she be ticked NOW), Corningwear, sliced tomatoes, pepperoni pizza, clocks, Werther's, figs, the attic, rolling grandad's head up in the car window, "All my Ex's live in Texas", furniture, chewing gum, The Price is Right, castor oil, The Old Country Buffet, Mr and Mrs William R .

I sure do miss you guys


Editted to add (per my Mom) : The Mayflower chinese buffet, The Chicken Wing King and a pet spider that ate ... HAM


Dickie said... strange, I find myself thinking about them alot these last few days, forgot the Mayflower and chicken wings and his per spider!! what a character he was..they both were, quirky and full of life

Alan said...

I can relate. Both my and my wife's grandparents are gone, and I miss each of them in different ways. There are so many memories from each one. That's the part we take with us and give to the next generation; those traditions, recipes, etc. This post made me smile. :)

Robin said...

I miss them, too, Karyn. Maybe it was my birthday that made me think of them so much recently. I wonder if they would be proud of me. I wonder if I'd have gone home to retire if they were still alive.

Daddy loved him some cheesecake and those steak sandwiches from Western Sizzlin'.

Momma was a real southern woman. Worried about appearances. It's her fault that I can't have company without using a toothbrush on the bathroon tile before they arrive!

I know Mamma liked Dennis and I think Daddy would have, too. Dennis reminds me of Daddy because he is always being goofy and picking on me (in a fun way).

Just remember, they loved us. Each in the best way they knew how.