Wednesday, May 13, 2009


First things first! I had put aside $200 from the budget to grocery shop this week - (payday) for the next two weeks ... and I went to both Kroger and Wal-Mart today after work - I made a list of what each place had on sale we wanted or needed and also the coupons that would match up. Ended up spending ... DRUMROLL - $47. That's RIGHT! Only spent about 25% of the budget and bought enough for like 15 meals. How proud am I ????

Ok- this post is a long time coming.

You remember we had Amy here in April ... and you remember that Amy is an interior designer. So I put her in the pretty guest room. We have two. One has a smaller bed, but it has the TV and satellite - then we have the room that used to be Conrad's office. It has a nicer, bigger bed and the super cute bed in a bag we got for our wedding ... and I just love that room. It has three great big barn stars hanging that I love ... LOVE that room and it's the PERFECT place to put an interior designer, should you ever have one visit. I made sure that room was clean, the sheets were clean, we vacuumed - the works .... but I forgot it had some remnants from his former life ... like, the closet still has all his sales materials ... and the dresser drawers have CD's and computer stuff in them ... and then there was THIS ... I found it one day after Amy left ... when I was in the room ----

THIS used to be Conrad's grandfather's light switch ... and the light "switch" is the man's um ... his stuff. He is a diver and his pants have fallen down. SUPER classy - and I could NOT believe I had put this woman in this bedroom and she had been "handling" this light switch for five days. MORTIFIED does not even begin to describe how I felt when I saw this. I let out a holler and Conrad came running - and he LAUGHED when he saw it ... I ran out of the room ...

and I heard him laughing even louder. WHAT? I said ... and he pointed to the back of the door ... when Amy closed the bedroom door every night, THIS is what greeted her ...

If you can't read it - it's a doorhanger. It says " I had beans for lunch. You've been Warned!" ... and it features a man standing in what can only be described as the remains of his home ... I suppose it alludes to some massive gas attack that caused his home to be torn to pieces.

Well, I was just speechless. I tried SO hard to make that room nice for her ... and yet, the ghosts of Conrad's former office still remain.

Conrad was howling, tears rolling down this face. He thinks this is one of the funniest things ever.

Not so much.



kkmom said...

I have to agree with Conrad on this one--it is pretty stinkin' funny! And it's also VERY Conrad!!

ps Please don't think less of me for this!!! :)

Amy Leferink said...

This is Amy, the interior designer. I just about peed my pants reading your entry about the light switch and door hanger! Hilarious! I actually loved the room - it is very lovely! The humor of the light switch and door hanger was awesome - exactly what I needed! After spending all day getting tests and scans and facing cancer treatment..a good laugh was the best medicine. I'm so glad it was there!

The Tomball Three said...

Amy - you are too kind ... LOL

lori.ayork said...

I, too, think this is the funniest thing ever!

kkmom said...

If my brother was ever good for anything, it was/is his sense of humor. Which, by the way, I think he partially inherited from my grandfather!!