Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tearing it UP

Well ... we've had a contractor come out to look at the house.

We need a few things done that we either CAN'T do ourselves or don't WANT to do ourselves ... and we got the quote and it was great! We are replacing the front door and getting some water damage there fixed, as well as the back door which has a few problems ... but the REAL kicker is we are attaching our garage ... it's not attached just sort of butted up against the house. So we're putting in a through door from the laundry room. Oh how NICE it will be to walk out to get in the car without getting wet ... or to be able to get tools from the garage without going out, and around and waiting for the door to open ... OR taking out the garbage at night, when Conrad isn't home without thinking about taking a gun out with you. Ok- so it's not THAT dangerous here ... but you know what I mean.

We also had him quote out tiling the walls around the garden tub. We MAY get that done- but right now we're focusing on the doors ... and we are HAPPY it will begin very soon. YAY Tax Return!

Anyway - I'm sure there will be pics to follow ... once it starts.... and I KNOW we're looking to get some land and build a house- but these things either will make the resale better, make living here more comfortable or need to be done anyway before we sell ...



lori.ayork said...

Yay for home improvement!