Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pardon Me...

I just got in a wee-bit o' trouble... for neglecting to mention the big "Meet the Parents" weekend that just passed. My mom and stepdad and Conrad's parents came to Houston last weekend to meet before our "big day" and also for my 32nd birthday.

It was super fun. Conrad's mom made bread pudding, we shopped, we ate, we talked and they told embarassing stories about us growing up and we ate... and we ate a little more. A good time was had by all...

I had a nice birthday. We went to Harris Co Smokehouse and also Steak N Ale (Dinner) and I hauled in the loot. I got cash money, gift certificates, jewelry, and zero gravity chairs from Sharper Image. I also got lots of cards in the mail, ecards, emails, and phone calls. It was nice. Thanks to all who remembered and everyone else who didn't ........... AUGUST 12th- mark your calendars.

All that's left is for dad and everyone to meet Conrad's parents. I figure we can arrange some kind of dinner in Dallas soon. He'll probably go through there on a book tour soon.

Ok- time for bed!


Dickie said...

I SUPPOSE that 'oops' was good enough, however you neglected to state how awesome and young and beautiful your mother is, I am simply appalled! Not to mention your awesome Stepdaddy Brian!