Friday, August 31, 2007

Perfect in Houston

I will begin today's post by saying last night: 20 minute Turbo Jam

Ok.... in reference to Da'Delle's comments on yesterday's post. No, sadly, Conrad's teeth are not perfect. My professional opinion is that he could use a good scrubbing, but that's about it. He's not going to have to go through what I just did... and thanks to all who asked after my welfare (none of you!) ... I am doing just fine. I was able to choke down some soft foods yesterday with relatively no pain... my headache is all but gone and I did Turbo Jam without rattling anything around up there... except for my brains.

We actually went to dinner last night- mexican place off the beaten path in Tomball, called Rancho Grande. I saw some good reviews. I liked it a lot. Conrad said it was ok.... he has an aversion to what they call "enchilada gravy" here. If you're not from Houston or Beaumont, you're probably not familiar with it- but Casa Ole and places like that are famous for it. I've developed a taste for it, I guess and I LOVE Casa Ola and Crazy Jose's and those type places. Conrad does not. Mikel, my one-day-to-be sister in law does and that just PROVES how much smarter girls are than boys!

Well, nothing super interesting to report today except for I still have all my teeth. Last year for Labor Day we rented a lakehouse/cabin, but this year we're just staying home. No plans really- I'm sure he'll end up dragging me to the Simpsons Movie. I'd rather have my teeth scaled again.

Oh- and Conrad has requested the password and username to this blog. I imagine he'll start posting at some point. So I'll start signing my posts.

Happy and Safe Weekend to all!



Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your teeth are feeling better enought to eat Mexican food. I wouldn't want you to go through withdrawals. As for the "turbo jam" - may the force be with you. Love ya!!

Dickie said...

I beg your pardon, I TALKED to you last nite about your experience and even sympathized with you!! I see you are STILL an RRK! But I love ya