Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fly Your Flag Proudly

I received some interesting replies/suggestions yesterday regarding my bra post.
I am not sure the neighbors would take too well to a Texas A&M colored or logo'd bra flying proud, on a flag pole, in front of our house. I think the HOA really would step in there... not to mention, I have many friends who attended other Big 12 schools that may be slightly offended. I know when I first told Conrad, I used to be a Nebraska fan, it took him a few minutes to get himself under control. I did mention to him though, if the state of Oklahoma somehow imploded, I would be ok with that. Sorry DeeDee, I would ask Edmond be spared... but I am no OU fan... sorry Jeremy and Buddah! Maybe if Norman, OK could somehow be quarantined or something... Anyhow, the Oklahoma comment redeemed me somewhat and we were able to carry through with our lifelong plans... but um, yeah, you know, good suggestions.... but pretty sure there would be some sort of fine attached to such a blantant display of school spirit. Of course, this IS Texas and football season IS almost upon us. So it may be tolerated until January... longer if Texas A&M were to somehow win the National Championship. WAAAAAAAA HA HA HA HA HA. I'm sorry, that made me laugh.... I crack myself up... Um, sorry Conrad! I mean, WHEN they win the National Championship....

Any whooo.... Conrad should be back from his business trip tonight sometime. Blanca is taking her job of guarding the house very seriously while he's gone. The first night she slept in her bed on the floor, near the door, I'm SURE to be my first line of defense in case we had a break in. Last night, she slept on the big bed, but in the middle of the night, sat up, barked shrilly, jumped off the bed and went tearing into the house. That's never really a good sign. I'm pretty much a non-confrontational chicken, so I decided the best means of protection was the TV- so I spurred into action and turned on the TV, hoping to scare the intruder off by letting him know someone was home. Although- I'm THINKING they pretty much know that... that is what a late night home invasion entails- rounding up the sleeping, unsuspecting people in the house in the dead of night. But, I digress... either my TV ploy worked and they went away or Blanca had some sort of a weird dream and scared us both for no good reason. A few minutes later, we were both asleep again.

I think we will both be happy when Conrad is back home again. As long as he stays away from the laundry, I think it will be a happy homecoming.


DeeDee said...

ok Karyn, I will be thinking about how much you hate OU this Saturday when I am enjoying myself down in Norman at the OU game. I am sure we will win!!!