Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Ok... I have to go have a biopsy done.

You would THINK with such a serious issue, the doctor's office would be kind and gentle and willing to help. You would think. Too bad too, because I really do like this doctor.

They called me the other day and said we had a potential problem... and they would call back within a week to let me know when we could schedule the biopsy.... a week comes, and I called THREE times yesterday. Finally, after 5 PM someone comes on the line and tells me I really must speak with this one person and she is going to be beyond busy all week. I am already so upset and worried and ready to get this over with... so I get home, and they left a message there, at NOON, at home, when I clearly told the woman yesterday I work, and they need to call me at WORK.

This morning, I start calling again- FINALLY someone calls me back to TELL ME when I am having this thing done. Not asked, told.... and then glances down and tells me, "oh did you know you will also be responsible for $171 of this procedure". UM, NO .... because NO ONE EVER CALLS ME BACK from this office.

Not to mention, she was suposed to mail me some information to calm me down, so I would have information beforehand. Never received it.

I can not stand this doctor's staff and I will let him know about it on August 30th, when I see him. I should be good and fired up by then.

Also, I thought it was SUPER great of her, on her initial call to state, "you do not have cancer, you have PRE-cancer"... I was not aware she was a doctor and could diagnose such things. What am I even going in for, if this woman knows it all? GRRRRRRRRRR.......

Edited to add: Biopsy changed to Sept 12. I have to contain my anger a little bit longer.


bpTracy said...

Hey Karyn!

Is your biopsy in response to a Pap? I just wanted to tell you that I had 'pre-cancerous' cells show up in dang near every pap I had for about 7 years prior to my hysterectomy. It is very common from what I can tell, so don't let it stress you to much. The procedure that they do to remove those cells is not pleasant, but not horrible either!

Anyway, call me if you want to chat about it.


DaDelle said...

I don't told him"?. What is with that?
Sounds like you have had some creative plumbing problems.
"The Maestro"

Lori said...

Karyn, this is the same thing I had to have done last year. Happens to most women. If you've been getting yearly paps and this is the first they've seen of anything, you're probably just fine. I went through the same thing, phone call, "Mrs. York, you may have cancerous cells on your cervix." I stopped listening at cancer and was crazy worried. Everyone told me to calm down and not worry about it..but it was ME. I know what you're going through and will be thinking of you. If they do the LEEP procedure, you get local anesthesia...FUN!!! ;)