Thursday, August 16, 2007

First "Official" Post

We are floating down the river... Hurricane Erin came ashore today and we have been wet wet wet all day! I looked out the window earlier this morning and it was pitch black outside. Some of my coworkers are not going to be able to get into their neighborhoods, it's flooded so badly today. At least I am hoping when I walk outside today it won't be like getting hit in the face with a hot towel.

Conrad will be home late from work tonight- so I'm hitting Taco Cabana on the way home. Many of you read my very excited email last week about locating a Taco Bueno in Houston. It's actually 26 miles from the house- but so WHAT I missed my Mexi Dips and Chips. I had Monday off, so I drove the 26 miles to TB for lunch. AH- heaven....

I think I may have scared the cashier lady because I went on and on about it for quite awhile when I was placing my order. I ordered just about one of everything because I simply could NOT decide!!!... then as I ordered, I alternated between ordering and interrogating her about when the next one would be built. Good news! Building now- in The Woodlands. I've just shaved 15 miles off my commute!!!!

Tonight though, I don't feel like driving 26 miles to TB- not in the middle of a storm, when so many roads are shut down. My love of TB only goes so far...