Friday, August 17, 2007

Batten Down the Hatches!

I am excited to report- I have been selected to be on my company's Hurricane Disaster Preparedness Team. Quite the honor!

What this means is that in the event of a hurricane, I will be here at the office, with a few of my esteemed co-workers, expected to sandbag and haul bucket after bucket of seawater out of the bottom floor of our offices. We will brave hurricane force winds to make sure the safety of our building and company is put first!!! I was chosen because of my supreme physical shape and my cunning wits.

Ok, Ok, Ok- now that you are all laughing- what is REALLY means is I have been asked to head North in the event of a hurricane, to our Longview, Texas offices so we can keep the customer service department running. I will go with one other co-worker and our boss. We are shipping railcars today from the Lake Charles plant to make sure nothing gets hung up or stuck on the coast and all our customers can continue getting great service!!! :)

I'm sure I was chosen for my wits, but also because I'm always willing to help and because Conrad and I both still have family in Dallas (90 miles from Longview) so they probably figured in the event of a storm, we'd head that way anyway.

My boss told me today we would most likely head the Longview way sometime early next week. Hurricane Dean is projected to be here on Wednesday.

So those of you fretting and gnashing your teeth to powder, worrying about our safety- never fear- we'll be safe and sound in the exciting city of Longview, Texas! Not to mention- if we were to stay here, our house is like 20 feet off the ground (or 2.5 feet, whatever...) and we are also pretty far north, has Houstonians go.

OH! Did I just call myself a Houstonian? Never thought I'd see the day!