Monday, June 27, 2011

Status Update ...

Oh but last week was fun. (INSERT UGLY FACE HERE)

I barely did anything but go to work and come home. I only did the ONE Zumba class. Didn't go to any water classes. I feel like a loser. I could have done it this weekend, but truly I just didn't want to. I am determined that this week be better, even if just by 1 class. You know if I could make 2 I would consider it a successfull week!

The good news is I had a GREAT weekend. So much done AND so much lying around. Perfect combo!

I started and finished the newest Danielle Steele book. I also woke up Saturday and scrubbed the house from top to bottom. I am not even kidding. I took the vacuum attachments and cleaned the baseboards, the blinds, the windowsills, even the slats in the door leading to the laundry room. I washed and put away dishes, wiped down all the kitchen counters- heavyduty style! I cleaned the bathrooms- including scrubbing the shower. (I have gotten smart here. I spray it down, clean the WHOLE house, then when I am disgusting and dirty, I climb into the shower and scrub it down - then myself- GENIUS). I washed clothes, washed the bed clothes, mopped all the floors. It was RIDICULOUS. That should probably actually count for an exercise class, huh?!

I also watched TWO of my Netflix movies- one was Hocus Pocus from 1993. Probably should have saved it for Halloween but what the heck, I was in the mood. Also saw You Again with Kristen Bell and Betty White. SO FUNNY. I howled. Conrad was cracking up - at me.

We actually went out to a great dinner on Friday. New place or NEWER place, been open awhile called Mia Bella. SUPER YUM. Then I made fajitas Saturday and some Italian casserole creation on Sunday that was DELISH and came out of my own little brain. Recipe on that later this week! It was fabulous.

Anyway, weekend was a success. Back to Zumba tonight.