Thursday, June 16, 2011

Biloxi Beach

Sorry for the absence! I was on vaca at the beach!

View from the beach house porch

Conrad and I took a few days and drove to Ocean Springs, MS which is a small town RIGHT outside of Biloxi. We met my FL parents there ...  and a good time was had by all! We rented a little beach house that had to be rebuilt because the original one was destroyed by Katrina. We had several trees right outside the house - and two of them (not shown here) were very noticably bent. I'm thinking Katrina had something to do with that. All around us were skeletons of former homes (and piers) and it was REALLY weird to realize a few years ago this was like a MAJOR hurricane area and it was so dangerous and that calm ocean we were looking at and enjoying was like a deadly, bubbling cauldrom. FREAKY!

Anyway, the beach house was nice and it had big wide, long porches. Every single day I was up early (as is almost always nearly the case these days) and I would take my Kindle and my coffee outside and there I would stay for ... well about 8 hours. We bought groceries and cooked most nights. Made lunch every day. (Wal-Mart pizza is good!) We did go out to eat once at Anthony's Seafood and Steakhouse in Biloxi and we also went to a casino, but mostly, the parents and I didn't move from the porch. Conrad wandered in and out and watched some TV - he's not a reader or a porch sitter. We had a fire in an outdoor fireplace and made smores. Good times!

It was very relaxing and just what we all needed. I will have more pics soon. Catching up at work and at home right now!