Saturday, June 4, 2011

Keepin' it Real - The Laundry Room

Part of the Memorial Day cleanup was to put some order to a laundry room that had gotten out of control. I have to pass it every time I go in and out and I hate it. If some random stranger came in they wouldn't know what to think. I bring shame upon my family.

You see that tall box? My Ballard Designs safety pin plaques I had to have in NOVEMBER or I was just going to die. Sitting in a box.

 Oh want me to back up some? So you can see my shame?

We are such pigs
So I cleaned it up ... and hung up my plaques. I'm digging it, but it made me realize we have SO go to get rid of those blinds. I wanted to make a roman shade like a year and a half ago. I am so lazy. Also - that piece of furniture Conrad bought eons before I came on the scene. I like, but I'd like it more if it were a lovely shade of robins egg blue. Conrad has been resisting this idea, but I am wearing him down. I either get my way here, or I keep talking about "what my headaches COULD mean" on Web MD. :)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh - restored order and some lovliness on the walls!

I love the Ballards pins - I just can't wait to have them in a really pretty laundry room and yes I said PRETTY laundry room. It could happen!

and then ....... who I would be if I didn't open a cabinet and show you how AWFUL it has really gotten. I have batteries, flashlights ... all over the place. We are in hurricane country but my stuff is scattered too and fro ... if the lights went off, we'd probably head butt each other, pass out and come too in several feet of water. It doesn't matter that this house is pier and beam - and we are 3 feet off the ground. IT COULD HAPPEN if I don't get organized!


But - I got some cute boxes at Target - and was able to make one for candles, one for batteries, one has flashlights ... one has all of Blanca's stuff like heartworm meds and her Chrismtas collars.

Better, not great
I consider Memorial Day weekend- organizing and cleaning to be a massive success!
If a hurricane hits, we will be prepared. No matter that this next time I'll be somewhere in the region of Nebraska by the time they figure out I'm gone - the house will look nice.