Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Did I?

Did I go to Zumba on Monday night? YES I DID.

I fought it HARD too. I came home from work and talked with Conrad until I had like 2 minutes to get dressed out of the house. I SO DID NOT WANT TO GO. But I went.

It was good too. She did more Latin music this time, which is not my favorite. I like the Rap and R&B stuff ... I tend to "dance" better to that. My little white girl hips were not make for the samba and the merengue and the like ... but it was good and I'm glad I went.

Although it was HOT. It was hot outside and it was hot inside. I don't know if the AC was having to work overtime and thus, not doing such a great job or what, but I was sweating hard. Everyone was.

Today I am a little sore and I didn't go to my water class. I decided to ease back into it. I go back on Thursday for water.... wish me luck. No doubt I will try to get out of it. But if I make my intentions known here - I feel rotten if I don't go. My own accountability group.



Meg said...

Keep up the good work Karyn!!