Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Charleston Two

We took Conrad, the same day as the "hair hat" day - downtown for some learnin' !

First - the market. It IS the old slave market, which is a sad and terrible thing. But they have preserved it and now it's like a giant flea market. Each one (there are four) has an opening on each end and the Sweetgrass Ladies sit at each opening. They weave the sweetgrass baskets - Charleston is known for them and they cost more than a car. Ok not really - maybe an older car ...

Ah - a water fountain. Donated by the Daughters of the Confederacy in 1896. You go girls! I am a TRUE Daughter of the Confederacy by birth - and so proud ... so I took the pic. Also, God bless Jefferson Davis. Just saying ...

Me and the cannonballs. Waterfront Park - known for the cannons and cannonballs there. I have a picture, taken in the 70's, of my Aunt Margie (may she rest in peace), in her nun habit, there by the cannonballs. So I got one taken of myself there as well. Made me briefly feel closer to her. I didn't have a nun habit handy, but I was wearing black- so it was meant to be, I guess.

Karyn and Conrad self- portrait on The Battery. Like a seawall, of sorts.

Ft Sumpter. Get out your history books - or your Bible- (kidding!) and you would know the first shots of the War of Northern Agression were fired from this spot - you can still visit there. You just go to Patriots Point and they have a boat that goes out to the fort in Charleston Harbor several times a day. The last time I went was with my good friend and Southern sympathizer, Tracy ... ah, good times were had that day. I think we were hungover from the moonshine the night before, but we have pics of the day and we don't look that bad.

Conrad with Ft Sumpter in the background. He probably has family that fought in the war there, but we'll never know because the boy AND his family know nothing about their heritage ... and show no signs of even wanting to know. *sigh* I hope we don't have to do a blood test on him eventually.

A shot of the canal my mom and stepdaddy live near. This was taken from the yard of the restaurant there. It was GOOD- they had a philly steak sandwich that will knock your socks off. My mom had one with no cheese and no peppers and no sauce. I don't know really what that is- a dry steak and onion sandwich I guess. I had mine the REAL way and I would almost kiss a Yankee to get the recipe.

Last day of the trip will be the next post. We went to visit the Swamp Fox!


KrysTros said...

Wow, you guys are having an awesome vacation!