Saturday, September 26, 2009


You will be pleased to note the "old married couple" - (1 year, 5 months TODAY) got out of the house this evening AND out of our ten mile comfort zone ... we never seem to stray too far on the weekends, unless it's back to Dallas to see fam and friends.

So I got tickets (and a parking pass) to the Astros game tonight. It's the next to last one for the season. I'm not an Astros fan - and I really don't care about baseball - but sometimes it's good to get out and participate in what's going on with your city - and who I am, REALLY, to keep the people from enjoying my company? I try to pretend I am still a Dallas-ite, but the truth is, I've been here three years ... we own a house here, I married a man who lives here and likes it here, I have a great job - and even tho' I miss my friends in Dallas, I've suddenly found myself with quite a few good ones here too ... *sigh* - so Dallas in my heart and Houston in my reality.

So we kicked off the evening at Benjy's.

It has foo foo food - Conrad is not a fan - but he had been to this place before and he knew I would love it, so he suggested it and I did love it.

They have stuff like (and I am making this up, but this is how the menu reads):
Quail stuffed with hazelnut and asparagus spears over a bed of corn polenta, with blue corn chips
or .... Parmasean crusted wild salmon on a bed of wilted lettuce with dill lemon vinegarette

I am SO all over that kind of stuff. The more fancy and imporant I feel, the better! This place was just that kinda place and even better, you get to see all the other people who think they are hot stuff come in and out. Women teetering on heels they shouldn't be on- women in thigh high boots with jeans (it was 91 degrees today) ... I mean RIDICULOUS people.

It was awesome! I had a beef and noodle salad in a seasame-soy sauce. It was good - but it did NOT stop me from ordering some loaded nachos at the ballpark. Conrad totally understood. It's just something you have to do.

Big props to Conrad for making the outing great and for making sure we ate somewhere he knows I would like. LOVE you C!



KrysTros said...

Sounds great! I will have to check out this foo foo Benjy's place!

Jess said...

What a fun night! And what a thoughtful husband!