Thursday, September 24, 2009


I am SO sorry ... I just have not "felt it" when thinking about blogging. I have been exhausted every night when I get home. Now the cooler weather is coming, it's been raining and I've made some headway on my bills - one of my cards- and suddenly I am feeling better.

Ok, so then here was our day trip to Savannah. First of all, SPECIAL MOMMY HUG to MY mommy ... she got us VIP tickets to Ms Paula Deen's - The Lady & Sons restaurant. They start taking names at 7AM and I heard the lady at the podium say by 7:15 they were sold out for lunch and dinner. CRAZINESS. Mom got us a reservation for 12:15. It made my entire trip I was SO excited. It was all I cared about doing. So without further ado ... the famous Lady & Sons!
Poor Conrad and Stepdaddy Brian - we drug them there and they took it well ... and here is Conrad. I wanted him to be famous and have proof he was there. He likes Paula Deen but only because he is convinced she secretly talks dirty during her show- like when she moans and talks about "drizzling" chocolate or something on her desserts. He just howls. He thinks she is so bad! ... and ALL thosse people in the pic are there begging to be let in. I think it goes on all day long.

Ah ok- so there are THREE stories at Lady & Sons - and each floor has it's own kitchen and own buffet ... and that's what three of us had. The EXCELLENT buffet ... Conrad had the crabcake sandwich. The buffet items were: fried chicken, ribs, black eyed peas, mashed potatoes and gravy, rice, lima beans, mac n cheese (OMG!) collared greens and sweet potatoes. BABY - it was GOOD. They also give each person a cheddar garlic biscuit and cornpone.... and yes I SURE DID take a picture of my lunch. I wanted to remember it forever - and I can still taste the greens.

Oh- and even tho' she wasn't there, I did get an autographed cookbook from Paula Deen. It is and shall remain one of my prized possesions and it wasn't even expensive. It was only $15 - which is good I mean even for a normal cookbook. They can run $10-50 - you know? So this just tells me her celebrity has not gotten to her head and she doesn't think she's all that and a basket of cornpone, ya mean ???? I LOVE HER!

We had a super fun time. My next blog will be about our day in Charleston, my hometown. THAT was a funny day!
... and a big happy birthday to my Papa Dick up in heaven - I think this would have been # 88 ... and also a big happy birthday to my mom (tomorrow). I guess she was his birthday present and I am excited to say she is 29!


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KrysTros said...

Umm, I don't know what Pedro is talking about up there but I LOVE PAULA DEEN! I am so jealous that you got to go and eat all of her delicious foods. You made me laugh with the drizzling remark (haha!). I hope the rest of your trip is great!

Jess said...

This trip looks awesome! And I'm glad you're feeling better.