Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend and Anxiety


The weekend, once again, flew right by ... it was a good one though.

I went to see Meet Me In St Louis - with my friend Kelley - she invited me. We went to Cracker Barrel first (yay hashbrown casserole) and then we were off to the theater! It was really nice - and next year they have Little House on the Prairie. I mean YAY! Love that show ... the theater will be great too.

I am anxious though. Tomorrow I am having a mammogram. Baseline - which means ... well, nothing. They get you to take them while you're young - so they will have your "normal" results to compare to, when you get older. I sort of pushed this one though. I have some sort of weird skin thing going on- I itch ALL the time - and I was in the car wreck last year which caused all kinds of lumps and bumps and MAYBE the itching too. I hear when there is trauma .... well, things aren't ever normal again ... it's a new normal!

So I went to the doc about the skin thing and she ordered the mammogran to put me at ease and because in December she would have ordered my baseline anyway- since I would be 34/35 ... and she does that, then again at 40. So - anyway, this whole thing is my fault. I shouldn't have even gone to see her ... LOL

I am really nervous and scared and freaked out. Spent a good hour curled up in bed, crying while Conrad helplessly petted me.

I am hoping it's all ok ... and if the results come back suspicious, it is only due to my wreck - which the doc said can TOTALLY happen. I could still have damage deep inside and of course, the technician would never know why that was- so they would order an ultrasound. So ... please all of you pray for me, think of me and send good MOJO my way ... my appt is at 5PM tomorrow afternoon.

So please think of me then - like 5-6 tomorrow afternoon.




Lori York said...

HELLO!!!! Be anxious about NOTHING!!! You are not listening to me! Take it to the Lord in prayer and he will put your mind at ease. I will be praying. Love you.