Friday, September 25, 2009

Charleston- Part Uno

Hey ya'll!

Happy Friday. We had homemade BLT's for dinner and I just pulled chocolate chip and sugar cookies out of the oven. It is the WEEKEND! It's just starting to get brisk out there (mostly in the morning) and I found pumpkin spice creamer at Target this week and I.AM.READY for fall!

Ok so the Charleston part of our trip has way too many pictures, so I have to spread it out a little more. The day after Savannah, we decided to take Conrad downtown - to Charleston to really see the city. The old slave market, The Battery, Rainbow Row, Waterfront Park - we wanted him to see it all.

The first thing he saw was a 28" pizza. It's the biggest one I've ever seen in my life. It was good too! Giovanni's downtown, across the street from the market. Super yum - we couldn't finish it.

After shopping and walking around ... we hit one of those tourist type shops. This is the place where I made Conrad wear the Confederate hat - seen in the post a few posts ago ... I, however, found the long hair hat ... and I put it on and IMMEDIATELY looked like a prison escapee - on the lam- out to cut as many people as possible.

My mother, however, looked like Little Bo Peep, missing her sheep. Why IS that?

... and then I don't know ... preening for her sheep?

My stepdad? Just crawled out of the river, deep in the woods of Georgia - someone start the Deliverance music! Even more scary? Later that night he showed us pics of himself, several years back, with an impressive mullet - and he looked very much like he does below.

Good times were had by all that day. My stepdad bought a T shirt that said "It's my Duty to Please that Booty" .... and it tickled me so bad, I laughed all the way back to the car. I laughed so hard I couldn't walk up the parking garage stairs. HIGH-larious.
to be continued ....


Lori York said...

You had me cracking up! I was trying not to wake the baby but thought I would because my body was shaking with my laughter! I love you and glad we're's been a rough week and I needed this laugh! (And you don't look like Bo Peep because you had on sunglasses!)

Tracy said...


I HAVE to see a picture of stepdaddy Brian wearing the 'duty to please that booty' picture and his gun stuffed in his waistband!!!

I NEED it for my collection... :)