Friday, July 10, 2009

Vacation Recovery

I am SO sorry I haven't been here and haven't posted rainbow cake pics. I have TWO good excuses.

# 1 - on Monday Conrad's car was broken into at lunch. They took his laptop, his bag with all his work stuff and his checkbook AND they dented the door and broke the lock. SO we spent a large portion of Monday closing out one checking account and opening another. He has had my computer all week- so I haven't asked for it back at night so I can blog. It just seemed to take too much energy to walk across the house and get it off the table... and let me just say, PEOPLE SUCK. I mean the laptop was four years old - and password protected ... and checkbook is useless since I canceled it - so I mean, they got nothing, caused Conrad a ton of trouble AND left us with a broken car and a few weeks of work- Conrad putting his worklife back together. Ugh. I hope they try to pawn the computer and get arrested. The serial # has been registered as stolen. Jerks.

# 2 - I think I needed a vacation after our vacation. I mean WOW, it's really weird. You get used to being NOT at work - and so suddenly, every day at work is exhausting. We traveled home on Sunday and it seemed to take all day. Getting up, packing, driving to the airport, waiting, flying, getting baggage, finding car, getting Blanca ... exhausting.

So everytime I went to blog I just .... couldn't. I think I was in bed every day this week at 9:30 or something ridiculous. I mean, what am I, 80? (Sorry MOM!)

So this weekend, they'll be a lot of laying around, reading, watching movies ... and I'll download the rainbow cake pics and blog. Got two days ahead of me to do so!