Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rainbow Cake

Ok, the long awaited post .... rainbow cake!

You will need:

2 round cake pans, white cake mix or your favorite 1234 cake recipe, food coloring and how ever many colors you want- you need that many bowls. Begin by greasing your pans and making the cake mix ... then take your batter and pour as equal amounts as you can - into each bowl. Add food coloring to each bowl. You can make as many colors as you want and remember you can combine colors too- meaning you can use red and blue food coloring to make purple batter, etc ... I didn't do that this time because I was experimenting and wanted to make sure I didn't end up with a BLACK cake.

Ok - so each bowl you make a differen color. I had four - red, blue, yellow and green. Use your food coloring to make the color as vibrant as you want AND the stores now have pastel colors too. HELLO EASTER!

Then take your batter and pour it into the pan, careful to only overlap colors a little bit ... the picture below is a close up of raw batter in a pan.

Here are the two pans side by side. About to bake! Now there's no special temp or anything, just bake the cakes like the instructions tell you.

When baking is done, your cake should look like this ... and you should have two of them. After they cool, you want to frost in a layer between the cakes and try to make sure the colors don't line up. Don't put your red from cake 1 on top of your red from cake 2. When you cut into it, you want to see ALL the colors.

I did a TERRIBLE frosting job. The kitchen was hot and Florida was humid. The minute I started frosting the cake it sort of crumbled, because of the humidity - so try to do it in a cold kitchen. Anyway - frost like normal and when you cut into it, boy won't your guests be surprised. Everyone LOVED this cake!

Ready, Set, GO - bake away! Let me know how it turns out. Isn't it FABULOUS?


Jess said...

So cool! And not nearly as difficult as I would have expected.

Angie said...

Hi you don't know me :) I just found your blog through rene, then tom, and saw your comment about blogging being dead (I sometimes wonder that too when I don't get a response like I expect, oh well)
Anyhoooo I found this recipe and LOOOOVE IT!! I'm actually hosting a baby shower for my sister in a month and think I could manage this on a smaller scale with cupcakes! Watch out! Such a fun idea!

Angie said...

UPDATE: I did it!!
I made rainbow cupcakes Saturday night. My boyfriend loved them and so did the guys at work! I wish I would have taken a picture to show you... but I am for SURE making them at my sister's shower.
Thanks again for the awesome idea! :)