Wednesday, July 22, 2009


oooooooookay ...

I was thinking there would be MULTIPLE comments on the rainbow cake, but I guess not. Is blogging dead?

Well - I had a FAB weekend. First we saw ZZ Top and Aerosmith. Great seats and FREE tix - and then of course I was just super proud we left the house on a Friday night.

Saturday I ran by the library and got a book I had been waiting on forever and then hung out with Lori and Brenna all day. LITERALLY. We started our super fun day at about noon with some swimming and a light lunch. Then we went back to Brenna's and hung out, showered and watched Lori plant her grapes and talk about her Farmtown Farm ... if you're not on Facebook, you wouldn't understand. Then we took a group of 8 ladies to the Melting Pot and buried ourselves in big pots of cheese and chocolate. I think I'm still recovering!

Sunday we lazed around and met Amy and Tad at Good Co BBQ- which is somewhat famous here in Texas ... especially in Houston. Tad came down to help Amy with her last dose of radiation and also to be with her when they met with the doc Monday with the results from the April radiation treatment.


Tumor shrinkage and Tumor death ! YAY YAY YAY YAY!
Only 10% of patients have this AWESOME news after one treatment. So the doc has high hopes for the treatment she got Friday. I am so relieved and happy and excited! It couldn't have happened to a nicer person. I know her positive attitude had a LOT to do with this result.

So the weekend was FAB- the activities FAB - good food and great company!

So come on Friday!



lori.ayork said...

So I totally wasn't planting grapes...grapes only need 4 Farm Town hours to grow and I don't plant those on weekends! LOL...It was PEPPERS! Get a farm and I will show you the ropes!

Jess said...

I can't believe I was the only comment on the post about that gorgeous cake! I mean, I know blogging slows down in the summer, but seriously?

So glad to hear about your friend's response to the treatment!

Tracy said...

I think it was a great idea. I might try it for a Mardi Gras cake. Use Green, Purple, and Yellow batter?? What do you think? And, really, you wouldn't have to stop there, you could have a Christmas cake with Red, Green and White, or a Valentines with Red and Pink, etc...

kkmom said...

Wow--love the cake! I didn't respond b/c I hadn't seen the blog in a week, I think. That is awesome--the kids would flip over that! Thanks for the pics and info! I'm also super-glad to hear about your friend and her treatments! That is awesome!