Sunday, August 14, 2011

My birthday

Good morning! I'm old.

My birthday was really great ... thanks for the calls, emails and Facebook posts! I enjoyed hearing from everyone!

My friend Debbie took me to lunch on Monday - yum! Kelley took me to lunch on Friday - yum! Kelley also brought me back 4 stamps from her trip to Grand Cayman - with pics of the Royal Wedding on them. I was a tad obsessed with the wedding and watched it over and over for two days - I am going to have them framed. So excited about that!

My SC parents sent me some $ - and I've decided to buy a Pampered Chef pizza stone with it. I've wanted one FOREVER and have never really just buckled and bought one. But now I will!

The FL parents sent me a donut maker. It's SO cute and I busted it out last night and made Conrad and I some sour cream donuts with powdered sugar and they were SO good. (I will have a post soon on those).

Sherry at work gave me some beautiful yellow baking dishes. A big one and a smaller one - and Vanessa got me a portfolio - a girly one- with an H on it. SO CUTE. My boss has a similar one - black leather with a giant pink A on it and I  have been jealous of it forever. I typically glare at her in meetings, because I want it so bad. HA! Just kidding ...

Really BAD pic of my new donut maker!

Girly Portfolio

Yellow dish - the smaller one, the larger one is on the bottom
After work I met Conrad at Mia Bella and we had a great dinner. I decided to shake it up and go for the whole wheat pasta with mushrooms and tomatoes -and two GIANT meatballs. It was SO good! Then I turned in my coupon for the FREE bottle of champagne and Godiva dipped strawberries. O.M.G. - I have never tasted anything like that! Conrad and I are actively looking now for meltable Godiva chocolate (hello donuts!) ... and I figured out that I do like champagne, it just has to be EXTREMEMLY dry. Good stuff man! GOOD STUFF.

On top of spaghetti .... all covered with cheese .....

My all, My Everything, My GODIVA

It was a great day - thank you all for everything!