Saturday, August 6, 2011

Garage Sale Haul

I went out this morning and brought back quite the haul. First of all it was HOT - but I decided to devote a couple of hours to it anyway. I have finally learned after five years in the area, the place to garage sale is Magnolia. It's a nice little town, not to far away and mostly has acerage houses, and people with money --- and so they have GOOD stuff. I drove around for two hours and only hit about 6 sales but I got such great stuff ... usually I would drive around for a hour, hit 12 sales and get hardly anything. These sales are spaced farther out - but SO WORTH IT.

First I hit up a small sale and she had some good books. First is a Readers Digest with cool, short stories on America - stuff like How was Monopoly Invented? It's a good bathroom book or a guest room book - just interesting information, trivia, with nice pics. It was a $30 book I got for $1. Conrad will enjoy it. I also got two books with novels condensed into 1 book - so essentially 8 novels, all current books by great authors. Both books were 10 cents each. SCORE. (pardon the doggie feet in the picture)

I also got this pretty coffee mug for 10 cents. I like big mugs because I can eat soup with them. I only have 2, and 1 is Christmas and you KNOW how I feel about that! So now I have 2 normal mugs and 1 Christmas.

I also found a few Christmas items. SUPER cute snowman ornaments. NEW with tags. Each one was $3.99 - and she let me have all 3 for $1. I like to use these in either the baskets I put together for the girls in Conrad's office at Christmas OR I can use them for decoration on wrapped packages. I also found a Rubbermaid wrapping paper/tissue paper/gift tag organizer. It's still in plastic, never used. I think they run about $20 and I got it for $2. SCORE!

At one sale I got a cute orange shirt. It has a tank (not shown) and then over shirt. It was $2 and the tag says it came from Cato's. I took this pic before I washed and ironed it, but trust me, it's cute. It has little pilled up decorations all over it. Very cute. Nice with black capris.

Next up - I found a box of stamping stuff. She has 32 stamps here all from Stampin' Up and another stamping club ... and she had included 8 pads of various inks and a stamp cleaner. It was all in a box for $3. Some of these stamps have $10 price tags on them. I'm not a stamper. I don't really "get" it but it was too valuable to leave behind. So I bought it - and I'll post it on Ebay to get WAY more money back. It could go for as high as $100.

..... and finally my big find. This is a double fruit bowl/ with a bird and crystals. I really loved it. It's a coppery metal color. I might paint it, but for now I like it just fine. In the new house I'll put it in the kitchen and use it maybe for fruit or onions/peppers ... for now I will just put it on a shelf or something. I don't have the counter space here. I paid $10 for it - it's a really substatial piece and I love it. LOVE IT. It's so heavy!

So that was my haul and I think I did well. I spent $19.30 and I know all of this stuff is worth more than that! I think I got some good deals. That's all that matters!



Dickie said...

your granddaddy would be proud AND jealous!!! LOL