Monday, August 29, 2011

Belle's Consigment

I wanted to SLEEP this weekend, but I didn't really need that. I needed to RELAX. I did sleep late Sunday which was nice.

So Conrad did the laundry and some carpet stuff (left from the hot water heater problem).

I went out to a consigment shop I had been eyeing for awhile. It's called Belle's and it's right near where we will be moving. So I went in and found a few treasures!

First of all, I needed a rectangular platter. I make a lot of desserts, cakes and breads in my loaf pan and I don't have anything I can put my baked goods on. I had been using a big round platter I had, but I've had my eyes open at garage sales and stuff for a rectangular one. So- I found this one and I loved it. It's SO pretty. $12

Then I spotted a little game table. It's really too small to be much of an end table, but I think in a game room (which will we will have soon) I think it's perfect! It even has ALL the pieces! ... it is chess, checkers and backgammon which I used to LOVE to play. The table and the pieces are wood and it's precious. I really liked it a lot. The chess part slides off to reveal the backgammon and if you slide the chess part completely off and flip it over, it's just plain wood that matches the table ... no one would even know it was a game table! Didn't need it NOW, but ... the lady explained since they were consigment things are here today and gone tomorrow. She did give me 10% off since I was going back and forth on it. Anyway, love it ... and Conrad and I can just sit on the floor in front of the TV and play. $40

Sorry bad lighting = bad pics.