Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today Sucked

I wanted to be able to show you pics of the office with the pictures of what we had completed today. We completed nothing.

When we went to open our office furniture this morning to put it together it was PINE. We ordered WALNUT. What a disappointment. It was bright and we wanted dark. I hate IKEA and how they are set up. They sent us to the wrong aisle.

Then the Cowboys TANKED and I got many crappy calls and texts and Facebook's from my friends and family .... wow, thanks guys ... the season is over.

Then after that horrible game, which I did not even watch the end of the game ... we had to drive TWO HOURS to IKEA and back to exchange the desk and shelves. They gave Conrad a hard time and were there for an hour. So three hours later, we're home. I will NEVER EVER buy from IKEA again. Never. Conrad is in agreement.

True we did get the room painted, but we had absolutely no relax time. My heart is broken and yeah yeah it's just football - but it was my passion. This is my favorite time of year and ... it's over ... and it's over like all of the sudden and people were making fun of me and they made a bad situation so much worse.

I am so sad. About to watch the Golden Globes and fighting back tears. LITERALLY trying not to bawl. What a crap weekend.



Kelley said...

If I didn't have my own crappy project, I'd drive over there, tell you to go take a bubble bath, and I'd put the desk together for you! Sadly, I have much Ikea experience...

Jess said...

Ugh, so sorry about the Cowboys. It is amazing how cruel other people can be about sports. I once had a friend who happened to be a Duke fan visiting me when UNC was playing in a late round of the NCAA tournament. She actually crowed when they lost, and I was hard-pressed not to punch her.