Saturday, January 16, 2010

Office Update

Here is our progress! We picked this weekend to get started. These are the before and after pics of the same areas of the room. The room was what Conrad called his "den" ... but it was never used, became a junk room and he REALLY needed an office. I think it's coming along nicely. The before pics were taken at 9AM as we geared up and the after pics were taken at 3 PM. We have now installed the blinds back in (still shopping for curtains) and the big couch is coming out - going into the living room ... the loveseat will go back in here ... and then of course we still have to assemble our new desk. These textured walls just SUCK UP paint - especially dark paint ... and this paint is SO nice. It's Valspar Tender Twig, but I told Conrad it's like being in the Easter Bunny's stomache. It's very milk chocolately ...

I think the desk is being assembled tomorrow, after the Cowboy game. Wish us luck! This isn't even halfway done ... but I wanted you all to see I WAS working on it! LOL
Oh and I love, love, love the way the doorway looks with no curtain, but Conrad is insisting on one going back up. Maybe not maroon velvet, but something else. He also said I could tie it back - compromise! I just think our house looks so much bigger with the curtains gone.



KrysTros said...

Oh wow, I really like the color! Total transformation!

Anonymous said...

I've been stalking your blog for pictures! It turned out very nice! :) I know you must be happy to be done with it!