Monday, January 25, 2010

Office Somewhat Complete

Ok, so here is a quick update ... I promised Kelley!

This is where we are on the office. I popped out of town this weekend and while I was gone, Conrad hung his diploma (first time on the wall!!!!) and put stuff up. He did a GREAT job ... everything looks so good. He's a great guy - a good house husband! So many things were done this weekend while I was out. It makes this week SUPER easy for me in terms of organizing and cleaning. Although on Monday nights I don't do anything ... it's my relaxing night!

Anyway, so this office is actually being used. When I got home tonight from work, he was in there working away - so these are not PERFECT pics ... it's an office IN USE. But really the only thing left are the curtains and a nice rug ... then we'll be done! At that point I'll clear all the stuff off the desk and take a nice AFTER pic ... but this is where we are today. I think it looks really great. I am so glad to see his diploma hanging up and you can see the cigar store indian I got him for Christmas ... we named him, uh ... his name is Breaking Wind.



Anonymous said...

YAY!!! It looks fantastic! Y'all did a great job, and Jeff and I cracked up over BW's name. ;)

Jess said...

It looks great! Thanks for posting.