Saturday, December 5, 2009

NOT Pre-Diabetic

New doctor finally sent my test results.

I had three tests: glucose, insulin and then one I can't pronouce but is basically a two week AVERAGE of your blood sugar. I fasted for these tests. By the time my blood was drawn, I had been fasting for 15 hours. I'd say the tests are very accurate.

Yeah - NOT Diabetic, NOT Pre-Diabetic, NOT even insulin resistant - not ANYTHING, perfectly healthy - well within the ranges they like to see. For instance if the range for Healthy on the glucose the expected range is 65-100 : I had an 82.

On the insulin, expected range is 6-27 : I came in at 8.

I mean 8! I wasn't even BORDERLINE. Not even anywhere near where there should be concern. That first doctor is SO irresponsible! I am making a copy of my blood results and sending them to him along with a letter. I had my follow up Byetta appt with him on Wednesday - but as you know, I never took the Byetta - and so when they called to confirm my appt I told them I wasn't coming. They asked if I would like to reschedule I said no, and I'll send him a letter to tell him why. To say I am shaking with rage at doc #1 would be an understatement. I KNEW he hadn't tested me and I knew in my heart I was ok. What a dillweed.

I am so glad I checked ...

I told Conrad well - this is good news. Diabetes is nothing to mess with. So I am healthy - not even under any sort of "watch" ... but this also means I'm fluffy cause of ME. I think the thyroid thing helps with the fluffiness but mostly it's me - time to buy a treadmill!



Lori York said...

YAY for no diabetes!

Jess said...

So glad you're healthy! Good luck with that treadmill.