Saturday, December 19, 2009

I am MAD at the library

If ya know me, you know my "thing" is reading. I love it ... I could do it all day everyday. I frequently scarf my lunch at my desk and then run outside to sit in my car and read.

The Harris County Library is one of the best I have encountered... and MY branch is awesome. We have a DRIVE THROUGH! I go online, reserve my books, and they email me when they come in. I simply drive up, give them my card and they give me my books. Like ... a free McDonald's!

Yesterday on the way home from work I thought well- let me swing by there and pick up my four books I have holding. I didn't feel like getting up this morning and going. Thank goodness I did !!!! So I swung by there at 5:40 (20 minutes before closing) and saw all these signs that said "Library closed, Book return open" ... so I hurried to the drive through and the lady was there. I hurriedly asked if the library was closed and she said no, not until 6 - so I got my 4 books and I parked the car and RAN into the libary.

They are closed until JANUARY 4th !!!! I mean WHAT?!

They are redoing the entire electrical system over the holidays ... I was shocked. no email, no notificiation, no nothing ... so I ran to the shelves and grabbed 5 or 6 more books ... and checked them out. Fuming all the while! That is like THREE weeks they will be closed.

So I got home and when I got here, my mom had sent our Christmas presents. I opened the box to unpack it and there, were about 6 books she had packed. Oh GLORY I might make it after all. Thanks Mom !!!!!

... and we do have other branches. Not as close to my house and not with a drive thru. I have to find some way to tough it out throught the holidays - or I can take up a new hobby to slow my reading down ... like ... drinking.



Jess said...

I have to say, even though it sucks that they didn't notify people, it is AMAZING that your library is already awesome AND they are still upgrading. I'm jealous!